Our Mission

BridgeWater Lines' mission is to become the world leader in Passenger-only Vessel Design and Construction through strategic alliances with Industry Partners.

The Problem

Outdated infrastructure, gridlock and increased emissions are creating crisis conditions in urban transportation.
This makes getting around difficult, uncomfortable, and unhealthy.

Better Urban Mobility

Multiple modes of marine transport as an integrated service to make getting around hassle and emission free for urban ferries and tourist excursions.

Our Solution

In order to improve commuting, both technologically and experientially by providing more sustainable urban mobility, we provide a disruptive solution to marine commuting through the development of designs and construction of new passenger-only vessels using the latest propulsion system technology.

BWL’s goal is to reinvent the means by which people commute by water. BWL aims to develop state-of-the-art passenger-only vessels incorporating the latest advancements in vessel design, automation and fully sustainable zero-emission propulsion systems. By applying these technologies, BWL will be able to offer safe, reliable and cost-effective means of transportation while significantly reducing operating costs and the vessels’ carbon footprints. The plan is to assist a BC operating company with the deployment of new ferry services. Upon successful implementation and with gained experience, BWL will expand sales and volume construction.

The vessels BWL is designing, will be built of aluminium and capable of accommodating up to 300 passengers on voyages up to 90 min in various sea conditions. This design will include not yet utilized underwater features that are based on proven testing data as well as unique exterior design styling and an ergonomic interior for the passengers’ comfort and maximized satisfaction. The proposed vessels will use environmentally friendly propulsion systems and semi-autonomous hazard avoidance and gyroscopic stability controls. The major components of the vessel design and operational systems will suit the common terms of international standards.

BWL is strategically planning to enter the passenger vessel market by differentiating itself from other products in the industry. BWL is focused on vessel designs for services in high population areas with a large commuter base where traditional means have reached capacity. The aim is to capitalize on the growing shift towards alternative and sustainable means of transportation. BWL’s will achieve this by developing electric, battery powered/assisted vessels for shorter routes and hydrogen powered ones for longer distances. BWL will aim to further differentiate itself by increasing passenger amenities that align with the tangible needs of the modern- day commuter.

Our Team

The BWL management team consists of exceptional individuals, uniquely qualified and well versed in technical and business fields and relies on an advisory board that includes senior marine planners, engineers, architects and business experts.

BWL Vessel Specifications

BWL Vessels Size Type Model Electric Hydrogen
Smaller 18m Monohull MI-1 MI-1E MI-1H
Larger 32m Catamaran MI-2 MI-2E MI-2H

MI-1E Design

M1-E Model Design Rendering


MI-1E in Summer 2023


BridgeWater Lines Inc. provides phenomenal opportunity and value to investors through Proprietary Design & Technologies.

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Ship Design 1